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Neutral Silicone Weatherproof Sealant

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Product Details

Product Features:

KND-7000 is one component, neutral curing, medium modulus. Good flexibility and superior weather resistance. Aging resistance is widely used in the range of 5℃-45℃ with good thixotropy and press travel. It reacts quickly with moisture in the air in a wide range of climates and cures into a durable, high-performance silicone sealant.

It has good compatibility and adhesion with most building materials.

Product Usage:

1. Suitable for all kinds of building doors and windows, glass installation, silicic acid cover, caulking and sealing of indoor and outdoor decoration of panels, etc.

2. Various other construction and industrial purposes.

Product Specifications:

Hard support 300ml*24; soft support 590ml*20

Implementation standard:

GB 16776-2015


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