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Neutral Silicone Weatherproof Sealant

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Product Details

Product Features:

KND-6000 is one component, neutral curing, medium modulus. Good flexibility and superior weather resistance. Aging resistance is widely used in the range of 5℃-45℃ with good thixotropy and press travel. It reacts quickly with moisture in the air in a wide range of climates and cures into a durable, high-performance silicone sealant.

It has good compatibility and adhesion with most building materials.

Product Usage:

1. It is suitable for caulking and sealing of various building doors and windows, glass installation, indoor and outdoor decoration of panels, etc.

  2. Various other construction and industrial purposes.

Product Specifications:

Hard support 300ml*24; soft support 590ml*20

Implementation standard:

GB 16776-2015


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