What should I pay attention to when buying glass glue?

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Glass glue is a very inconspicuous auxiliary material in building decoration materials, but it plays a very important role in building construction and interior decoration. There are many materials that glass glue can bond, such as: glass, ceramics, metal, hard plastic, aluminum composite panel, stone, wood, brick, cement, etc. Component, acid, neutral, silicone structure, high price, low price, etc., how to choose a kind of good use effect in construction and decoration, strong adhesion, pure color, and reasonable price glass glue? Industry experts believe that the glass glue market is a mixed bag. As long as consumers have the following common sense, it is very easy to buy a good glass glue.

1. Don’t try to save trouble, and don’t be greedy for cheap. Although glass glue has been widely used in construction projects or decoration, most users (some are old users who have used glass glue for a long time) still put cheap products in the first place. As long as the project party does not specify the brand of glass glue, choose Low-cost glue is inevitable, but the use of low-cost glue will not only affect the quality and service life of the project, but more importantly, it will easily cause rework, delay the construction period, and even cause liability accidents. In order to win huge profits, unscrupulous traders can play tricks on packaging, use thick packaging bottles to reduce the weight of glue, and use inferior glue instead of brand glue. The huge profits they get are in the price. A low-grade glass glue of the same weight can be 3 times cheaper than the brand glass glue, but the viscosity and tensile force of the brand glass glue are 3-20 times stronger than the low-grade glass glue, and the service life is 10-50 times longer. Therefore, the engineering unit cannot save trouble, and only by shopping around can the quality of the project be checked; consumers cannot be greedy for cheap, so as not to affect the life of interior decoration.

Second, do not understand the product, do not rush to buy. Some consumers purchased glass glue without understanding the basic knowledge of the product, and found many problems in the process of use. Such as: what is the difference between acid glue and neutral glue? Why only structural adhesives can achieve structural bonding between glass? Why do some transparent glass glues change color? What building materials can glass glue bond to? and many more. If you understand the classification, use, restrictions, usage and storage period of glass glue before purchasing, you will definitely save money during construction, reduce rework during construction, and extend the service life of glass glue.

 Third, do not know the performance, do not use blindly. There are many varieties of glass glue on the market, including acid glass glue, neutral weather-resistant glue, silicic acid neutral structural glue, silicone stone glue, neutral anti-mildew glue, insulating glass glue, special glue for aluminum-plastic board, special glue for aquarium , special glue for large glass, special glue for bathroom anti-mildew, acid structural glue, etc. Users do not fully understand the classification characteristics, applicability, use restrictions and construction methods of glass glue, and most of them have never touched it. Some units or consumers regard glass glue as "universal glue". After one year, they found that the place where the glass glue was used fell off and discolored, so they investigated the applicability of the glass glue. It turned out that different building materials have to choose different properties of glass. glue. Therefore, not blindly using glass glue is one of the conditions for purchasing suitable products.

 So, what should you pay attention to when buying glass glue?

1. Identify the brand. Valid registered trademarks, distinctive image recognition, reasonable price positioning, and perfect after-sales service are the identification standards for brand products.

2. Look at the packaging. Look at the carton for product name, factory name, specification, origin, color, date of manufacture, and whether there is a certificate of conformity, quality assurance certificate, and product inspection report in the carton; Clear and complete; thirdly, to see if the net content is accurate, the manufacturer must indicate the specification model and net content (in grams or milliliters) on the packaging bottle.

3. Test glue. First, smell the smell, secondly compare the gloss, thirdly check the particles, fourthly check the bubbles, fifthly check the curing effect, and sixthly test the tensile force and viscosity.

The scientific name of glass glue is silicone sealant. Most manufacturers on the market have never listed the environmental protection level of the product as an important technical indicator. Many people know that most glass glue will have a pungent odor. In fact, it is a volatile organic compound VOC, which is very harmful to the human body. Under normal circumstances, the glass glue of big brands is not only more stable in quality, but also does not emit irritating odors, which can ensure the health of all those who come into contact with the product. It is recommended that you minimize contact and keep windows open for long periods of time.

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