How to remove glass glue ?

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When using glass glue to decorate the house or glue household utensils, the glass glue is unfortunately stuck, we will remove the glass glue if we can!

1. When the glass glue is not cured, whether it sticks to the human body, utensils or clothing, it can be easily removed by washing with water, so the cleaning of the uncured glass glue is the most simple.

2. Then there is the cured glass glue, which is extremely difficult to remove. If the solidified glass body is attached to glass, ceramics, metal and other objects, you can consider scrubbing with solvents such as xylene and acetone (if you do not know these two substances, you can consider banana water, because banana water contains these two Substances), if there is less cured glue attached to items such as glass, you can also consider scraping it off with a scraper. If it is attached to the clothes, you can consider brushing it with a brush. If not, you should consider banana water.

3. There is also a situation where the glass glue sticks to the hand and solidifies. Don't worry about this situation, the handling is very simple. After the glass glue is cured, it is not sticky to the hand, so it can be removed by rubbing with both hands for a few times.

If you think it's a hassle to stick with glass glue, and you don't want to think about how to remove it, just remember that glass glue contains organic matter, which can be easily removed with banana water containing xylene and acetone.

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