What should I pay attention to when using glass glue?

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Glass glue is a very special kind of glue, and it has a very good effect in bonding, but you should also pay attention to a lot of things when using this product. Only after you have noticed every part, can you have a more ideal effect. . During the use of glass glue, the problem of blackening and mildew often occurs, so the use occasion must not have water for a long time.

Ordinary glass glue can only be gelled when there is a certain amount of moisture. If the space is very dry, then the use of glass glue should be abandoned. In order to have a better bonding effect, friends should also pay attention that the surface of the bonding object should be kept clean, so that the effect can be better.

At the same time, the glass glue will also produce an odor that is harmful to the human body, so the construction environment should be kept ventilated, so that it can wait for it to solidify. I hope that all friends can pay attention to various aspects when using it. Only by paying more attention to each part, can the whole be able to achieve more ideal requirements.

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