Glass door installation method and precautions to share

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Glass glue, as the name suggests, is a door made of glass, but compared with other glass products, the strength, thickness and hardness of the glass door are relatively high, and it has the functions of ordinary solid wood doors. At the same time, because the main body of the glass door is transparent, it visually shares the space while separating the space, which is especially suitable for small-sized home decoration space. So what I want to talk about today is the sharing of glass door installation methods and precautions from the experience of Sichuan Kangnaide Silicone Technology Development Co., Ltd. Let's take a look together.​

Everything needs to be prepared, and the installation of glass doors is no exception. Before installing the glass door, it is necessary to ensure that the ground construction in the house has been completed, and other finishes such as door covers and thresholds must also be completed. At this time, it is necessary to reserve a certain thickness of the slot for the installation of the glass door. The chamfering of the four sides of the door must be ground with tools such as sand blocks to achieve a smooth effect to prevent edge collapse. Then glue the stainless steel veneer to the wooden square to ensure firmness.​​

Installation and construction of glass doors

During the installation and construction of the glass door, the installation method must be emphasized, and the steps on the installation drawing of the glass door must be followed. First, the glass should be sucked tightly with a glass suction cup with high pressure, and then the glass should be lifted by holding the suction cup. At this time, it should be noted that thick glass decorative materials used for glass doors are often heavy and cannot be lifted by one person. Three or more people are required to operate at the same time and handle with care. After lifting the glass, fix it in the reserved slot at the top of the door frame, and then slowly place the bottom on the bottom bracket, and then make the four sides of the glass fit with the door frame according to the installation positions around it.

Glass door

Precautions for glass doors

There are many precautions when installing glass doors, such as the operation method of injecting glass glue and sealing. First of all, we need to open the glass glue and put it into the corresponding injection gun. After setting the corresponding operation, hold the injection gun body with the other hand and hold the glue injection pressure handle, so as to squeeze out a small amount of glass glue and put it on the injection gun. The corresponding gap of the inlaid glass door is enough, and the amount of injection should be well controlled, neither too much nor too little.

There are often more than one glass door, so pay attention to the docking method between the glass doors. In the indoor installation of two or more glass panels, a gap of 2-3 mm needs to be reserved for the chamfering. After the connected glass plates are positioned and fixed, the glass glue needs to be injected into the corresponding gap, and the injection of the glass glue is the same as before. After the glass glue is filled, it is necessary to select an appropriate size of plastic sheet to rub back and forth on both sides of the glass plate, scrape off the excess glass glue on the glass plate, and then wipe off the offset printing with a clean rag, so as to preserve the aesthetics of the glass door.​​

The above is the glass door installation method and precautions shared by Sichuan Kangnaide Silicone Technology Development Co., Ltd. It includes the preparations before the installation of the glass door, the construction method of the glass door, and some matters needing attention in the installation of the glass door. In short, the glass door seems simple, it seems to be just a splicing work between several pieces of glass, but there are still many troubles in actual operation. If you are arranging the glass door in your home, it is recommended to be careful to avoid its short service life.

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