The difference between neutral glass glue and acid glass glue

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Neutral glass glue is used more frequently in real life, and the use of glass glue is also very extensive. At present, glass glue on the market is mainly divided into neutral glass glue and acid glass glue. Many people do not know enough about these two kinds of glass glue. I don't know the difference between them and how to choose one. Let me tell you the difference between neutral glass glue and acid glass glue and purchasing skills.

1. The difference between acid glass glue and neutral glass glue

1. Acid glass glue

Acid glass glue is suitable for sealing, plugging, leak-proofing and weatherproofing. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor (indoor effect is better). Bonds various interior trims of automobiles, including: metals, fabrics and organic fabrics, and plastics. Engage gaskets on heating and cooling equipment. Install ribs without screw holes, nameplates and paint and plastic materials on the metal surface. Seal windows on oven doors, flues on gas appliances, pipe joints, and access doors. Provides ready-to-form leak-proof gaskets for gearboxes, compressors, pumps. Seal the cabin and windows. Sealing of glazing in trailer and truck cabs. Bonding and sealing equipment components. Forms an anti-wear coating. Inlay and fill sheet metal laminates, piping networks and equipment enclosures.

2. Neutral glass glue

Neutral weather-resistant adhesive is suitable for weather-resistant sealing of various curtain walls, especially recommended for weather-resistant sealing of glass curtain walls, aluminum-plastic panel curtain walls, and stone dry-hanging; seam sealing between metals, glass, aluminum materials, ceramic tiles, plexiglass, and coated glass , seam sealing of concrete, cement, masonry, rock, marble, steel, wood, anodized aluminium and painted aluminium surfaces. Primer is not necessary in most cases.

Second, glass glue purchase skills

Glass glue for home improvement is mostly silicone material, which is divided into three types according to its properties: neutral glass glue, acid glass glue and water-based glass glue. Acidic glass glue has strong adhesion and is corrosive to some materials. The applicable materials are limited and the irritating taste is also great; Relatively weak; water-based glass glue, weak adhesion, slow curing process, but can be painted on after drying, less used in the home improvement process.

Because many people do not understand the performance of glass glue, it is easy to use neutral glass glue and acid glass glue in reverse, causing unnecessary trouble. For example, if acid glass glue is used to install mirrors, the mercury on the back of the mirror will be corroded.

Most of the glass glues on the market now also have functions such as mildew resistance and weather resistance (high temperature and low temperature resistance). Consumers should choose according to their actual needs. Generally speaking, the basin and toilet in the bathroom, and the countertop in the kitchen should choose glass glue with anti-mildew properties, either acidic or neutral. Metal ceilings, shower rooms, and mirrors should choose mildew-proof neutral glass glue instead of acidic ones. Hoods, stoves, windows should choose weather-resistant neutral glass glue. The fish tank has high requirements on the waterproof and bonding properties of the glass glue. Acid structural sealant should be used, and a new type of polyurethane glass glue can also be used, but its price is high. Most glass glue packaging will indicate the material it is suitable for bonding, and some will also indicate the bonding strength when bonding different materials.

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